boretest ultrasonic axles testing


Hollow rail axles inspection system

General Information

The Boretest is an ultrasonic NDT hollow train axle inspection unit, in the final process of certification by the Deutsche Bahn, designed and manufactured by Tecnitest Ingenieros SL, a leading European NDT Engineering Company from Madrid, Spain.
We offer an easy and reliable solution for in-service train axle inspection.

✓ RAPID – The complete axle is inspected from one side of the train in a noticeably brief time
✓ PORTABLE/ROBUST – The entire system is transported on a forklift truck
✓ EASY TO USE – Once a simple calibration set-up is carried out, there is no need to carry out complicated calibrations prior to the inspection.
✓ VERSATILE – Able to inspect different type of axles within a range.
✓ACCURATE – 100% of the axle is inspected utilizing different angular transducers to maximize the probability of detection
✓ TRACEALBE – The results of every inspection are recorded for the further analysis and archiving including the calibration of the system.

Detailed Specs

Boretest can test the complete axle from just one side of the train with 100% of the axle being inspected in one pass. This is carried out by utilising different angular and zero degrees ultrasonic probes to maximise the probability of detection.

The simple, user-friendly set-up system avoid the need to prepare complicated calibration set ups before each inspection. As well as being easy-to-use the Boretest is versatile, allowing the testing of several types of axles within a range.

The Boretest records the results of every inspection, including the calibration, for further analysis, again highlighting the efficiency of the unit.

The BoreTest software is designed to:

  • Show in real time the C-Scan and A-Scan from each probe.
  • Verify the correct coupling control during all the scans.
  • Provides longitudinal and axial position of defects.
  • Save all data collected to a single file for further evaluation.
  • Create multiples UT parameters zones to properly cover the axle geometry changes.
  • Create Office Word, Excel,, or PDFs reports.

Main hardware characteristics are:

  • Advanced industrial PLC to control motors and securities.
  • State of art industrial PC running Windows 10 PRO 64-bits.
  • Two 17’’ screen monitors with touchscreen capabilities.
  • Advanced UT equipment to control up to nine independent channels.
  • PC controlled oil pumping
  • Replaceable probe head
  • Adjustable height of scanner


Boretest is designed to support the most demanding utilization in workshop.

Easy to use

Very user friendly without a large learning curve.

According to the Deutsche Bahn standards

Boretest system is designed to fulfil the Deutsche Bahn axles inspections norms.

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