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General Information

Complete range of reliable and high performance ultrasonic immersion tanks. They can be used as automatic inspection systems for ultrasonic (UT) immersion scanning, through transmission with squirter/gantry or Air Scan systems.

Tecnitest NDT Ultrasonic Immersion Tanks can be used for industrial Non Destructive Testing (NDT) applications, research projects and training.

The modular design of the ultrasonic immersion tank systems allows upgrading, easily matching dimensional, kinematic and technique related specifications.

The software of the system, VisualScan, allows for user test parameter set up, scan programming and result evaluation.

Detailed Specs

  • Operation modes: pulse-echo, transmission and double through transmission
  • Operation modes: pulse-echo, transmission and double through transmission
  • Special options include: through transmission with squirters, through transmission with Air Scan, Contour following.
  • Operation with 1 to 8 independent channels
  • A, B and C-scan (amplitude) presentations
  • TCG curves in pulse-echo mode
  • True dynamic range larger than 90 dB in transmission mode
  • Three linear motorized axes as standard (X, Y and Z)
  • Optional fourth (external) rotating axis (X or Z)
  • Adjustable scanning index
  • Horizontal or vertical planar scanning
  • Optional) X-θ or Z-θ scanning (rotating surfaces)
  • Stiff extruded free standing aluminium frame (black panel covered).
  • Belt and/or ball bearing drive axis with position accuracy better than ±0.1 mm depending on the size of the tank and the accuracy required.
  • Independent Perspex or Stainless Steel tank, depending on the size of the tank.
  • Bottom glass with adjustable supports for double through transmission tests.
  • Interchangeable probe holder, manually adjustable (0º-90º XZ or YZ) and additional fine adjustment of relative probe position.
  • Scanning speed up to 500 mm/s (linear axis X, depending on the actual total length).
  • Optional: external axis (turn) attachment and support (Z or X direction).
  • From 2 up to 8 motorized axis (standard), expandable. Axis with traction through pinion, rack or belt.
  • High accuracy movement to ± 0.1mm with a minimum index of 0.1mm
  • Optional contour following equipment.

The Triton range of systems comprises a series of immersion tanks for ultrasonic inspection with the following standard dimensions (scan lengths)… different dimensions, up to 15 m length (X axis) and specific requirements can be considered, with the general characteristics and details referred to below:

SystemX (mm)Y (mm)Z (mm)
TRITON 400400400250
TRITON 800800400250
TRITON 10001000800300
TRITON 15001500800300
TRITON 20002000800300
  • Electronic controller-based commercial industrial PLC commanded by an independent computer. This architecture enables updating the computer operating system and programs easily and ensures that the movement of equipment is made more reliable and secure.
  • Encoders in X and Y axes for acquisition synchronization (also θ when an external axis is available).
  • Desktop PC (optionally, in industrial rack).
  • Low noise electronics for ultrasonic acquisition including a socket box on the system bridge frame.
  • Control switches, safety system and emergency stop button.
  • Control of movement made by commercial equipment to facilitate maintenance.
  • Index adjustable from 0.1mm (depending on model)
  • Programmable speed to 500 mm / s.
  • Possibility of inspection in various planes.
VisualScan is a dedicated application software for automatic ultrasonic inspection systems under MS Windows 10, easy to operate and intuitive… at the same time complying with requirements of common application standards (Airbus, for inspection of composite materials).

Key Benefits:

  • Software of system based on Windows.
  • Software up-datable by via Internet.
  • Friendly interface easy to use.
  • Fast programmability for self-learning.
  • A-SCAN and C-SCAN in real time on screen.
  • Programmable Speed and Index
  • Creation of bitmap files.
  • Complete file of inspection data.
  • Sending of results through Internet.
  • Evaluation in real time by local network

It’s optimized design and suitable integration with the system mechanics and electronics, it can control the system and the inspection with the best performance regarding scanning speeds, setup options and quality of the results.

The systems that we manufacture are generally the same design, but each customer has their own specific needs.  As such we try to accommodate our customers and therefore, we incorporate the best ultrasonic equipment to suit the customers’ needs.  Doing this we ensure that the customer receives the latest technology available.
Sonatest DFDs can also be used with this equipment.  The customer may also specify a DFD or indeed any Phased Array Equipment that he wishes to use providing that there are digital outputs to enable us to generate a C-Scan and the relevant data to be able to produce A-Scans and B-Scans.

Depending on the choice, particular capabilities and features of the system shall be defined in terms of dynamic range, number of channels, available real time presentations in high speed tests, etc.

  • Naval Engineers Faculty –Technical University of Madrid
  • Carlos III University- Leganés (Madrid)
  • Acoustic Lab, CSIC Madrid (RETROFIT)
  • CARTIF Valladolid
  • Ultrasonic probes calibration, R&D Airbus Operations SL (RETROFIT)
  • Instituto Madrileño de Estudios Avanzados, IMDEA Madrid
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), National Research Center Short name: MPEI (TU)
  • Aerospace Innovation Center, Beijing, China
  • FIDAMC (Fundación para la Investigación, Desarrollo y Aplicación de los Materiales Compuestos), Tecno-Getafe, Madrid
  • Imperial College of London, Department of Aeronautics
  • Aries Complex-Aciturri group (Composite parts inspection)
  • ICSA Toledo-Aernnova group (Composite parts inspection)
  • Mecatecnic_Alestis group (Composite parts inspection)
  • Aresa-Aciturri group (Composite parts inspection)
  • Constructora y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles CAF (Train axle inspection) (RETROFIT)
  • APPLUS LGAI Madrid (Composite parts inspection)

Highlighted Features


Complete range of reliable and high performance ultrasonic immersion tanks.

User friendly

Very user friendly without a large learning curve


The modular design of the ultrasonic immersion tank systems allows upgrading, easily matching dimensional, kinematic and technique related specifications.
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