NDT Calibration

Tecnitest Ingenieros S.L. has accredited lab and qualified personnel to perform calibration of NDT equipment in its facilities and on site when required.

Tecnitest personnel have L1 and L3 NDT levels for UT, ET.

Tecnitest issues full calibration reports and official certificates:
–  Verification Certificate of Calibration of Ultrasonic Instruments
–  Verification Certificate of Calibration of Eddy Current Instruments
–  Verification Certificate of Calibration of Eddy Current Conductivity Standards
–  Verification Certificate of Calibration of Light Meters (UV and White Light)
–  Revision of X-ray equipment and Systems
–  Certificate of Evaluation of Ultrasonic Transducers

The lab facilities include a modern set of equipment to perform semi-automatic calibration of equipment fallowing the relevant standards:
– AITM6-0013 y AITM6-0016 AIRBUS Standards for the verification of Ultrasonic Equipment.
– EN12668: Non-destructive testing. Characterization and verification of ultrasonic examination equipment.
– EN ISO 15548-1 Non-Destructive Testing – Part 1, Instrument Characteristics and Verification.

NDT Equipment Calibration:

UT-Ultrasonic Test Equipment

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  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
  • Probes
  • Thickness / Corrosion Testers

RT-X-ray / Gamma-ray Test Equipment

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  • Verification of X-Ray equipment and cabins

ET-Eddy Current Test Equipment

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  • Eddy Current Instruments
  • Conductivity Standards

MT-Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment

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  • Magnetic Particle Machines (Stationary and Portable)
  • Light Meters / Radiometers
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